Sunday, October 21, 2007


This image shows the entire environment.
C. Slim's office is above the bridge and R. Tata's
below, with the meeting place in the middle. T
he use of vertical elements in Slim's office and
only horizontal elements in Tata's office
represents the difference in both the clients
aspects of business but alsotheir different
approaches to power and life in general.

Tata's office uses horizontal elements that
increase in size, representing his moving from a
small regional business to a large global network.
Slim's office features a dramatically over sized
doorway to illustrate his monopolising naturing
and his obsession with control.

The dinning table combines a larger section or
proportion of the table dedicated to Slim.Tata
only has around one third of the dining table.
By over sizing the chair and table legs of Slim it
emphasises the dominance of Slim and his hunger
and need for power.


Action, Advance

Linear, Evolution

Rotational, Scalar Translation


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C. Slim Elevator

R. Tata Elevator

1 & 2 Point Perspective Drawings

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Experiment 3 - Draft

Evaluation Sheet

Dining Table

C.Slim's Elevator

R.Tata's Elevator